Telefónica Fusión service

Telefonica this year is the one that is leading the broadband market in Spain, both technically and commercially. I am not talking about Telefónica because I have any interest but because of the fact that they are the ones that are pushing the market more intensively. This week, starting 1st September, they released a new […]

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WDM PON principles

After last week writing about the upgrade paths for PON networks, this week’s post will be a technical one about WDM PON technologies. WDM PONs are a good way to upgrade existing PON topologies, by adding more optical channels to the access segment, thus increasing overall bandwidth capabilities. The main principle of WDM PON is […]

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Towards 10GPON and WDM-PON

One of the points of the ones who promote P2P connections is the limited bandwidth that present PON technologies offer. Although I always say against this point that once you deploy a PON the bottleneck is rarely on the PON but on the aggregation link, I must admit that the potential of P2P in terms […]

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