[Fun] Google Fiber to the Pole

Google has just announced a new service: connectivity at the pole.

I can not imagine myself connecting my laptop to a pole (specially because some laptops now tend not to have Ethernet port) but it may be useful for some people…

Check more information at: https://fiber.google.com/about/poles/


3 thoughts on “[Fun] Google Fiber to the Pole

  1. Haha

    “One day only: Google unveils fiber-to-the-pole in Kansas City Need some bandwidth on the go? Google Fiber said yesterday it would offer its subscribers in Kansas City, KS, the ability to hook into its FTTH network from stations attached to the utility poles on which it has strung fiber cable. Google called it fiber to the pole. Of course, yesterday was April Fool’s Day, so it was a limited-time offer.”

    Kind regards, Bas

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