Deploying a FTTH network in two weeks

Trident7 COLT

I have been inactive during the last couple of weeks. The reason for this was because we faced a challenge from one of our customers.

As you probably know, FTTH projects tend to have a quite long opportunity stage and accurate planning is very important. However, in this case we were in a rush due to the requirements of our customer.Due to the competition of another operator that wanted to cover the same area, he had to be the first to deploy in an industrial park. They gave us the notice 3rd December and now our customer already has 10 connected subscribers.

We achieved this remarkable goal by accurately planning our on-site tasks and by being extremely efficient while performing outside plant jobs.

We spent one week in our lab testing and pre-configuring all the equipment, so while on-site we could be very quick. I know that it is nicer to configure everything on-site but we simply had no time.

The Bill of Materials was also a complex task because we could just use off the shelf components and stock from our local suppliers. We had to adapt to what was available and not the other way around, which would be the preferred way.

We where on-site for three days. We spent the first morning installing the network head end and configuring the validation platform so we could certify that the active equipment was working properly.

Once we did that, we spliced the ODF at the head end and deployed the trunk cables. Installation was not difficult as ducting was available and free.

During day two we installed the distribution boxes, from which we would deploy the drop cables to the final customers. We did all the splicing also on day 2.

Finally, during day 3 we connected the users. We had some help from our customer, who installed the cable and left us the job of splicing and connecting the ONTs. We connected five users during the morning and five users in the afternoon.

Now the project is operational and our customer has been the first one to deploy in this industrial park. Companies there can enjoy 100Mbps at a very competitive price and we expect to connect the rest of the companies (we expect a very high take-up rate) during the next weeks.

FTTH is easy.


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