Local operators are also deploying FTTH

Spain is at present gaining momentum in FTTH deployments. Further to the announcements of the national operators which have been released lately, local operators are also upgrading their infrastructures towards FTTH.

I am at present developing several FTTH projects with small operators and they are also very active, in order to have a interesting offer to compete against national operators. They see that unless they invest and offer high speed services, their future will turn very dark.

The key aspects of these operators, however, are totally different from the big guys. Their strengths are their proximity with the customer and a service that is totally adapted to their local subscribers. They offer very flexible solutions and also customize their offer to fulfill specific requirements of their users.

I always recommend to deploy symmetric services so their offer is different from the asymmetric offers from the national operators.

So, all the players in the telecom arena, both national and local, are investing to upgrade their infrastructures to offer ultra high speed services. This is good news, because it means that the market is evolving towards the future, with undoubtedly is FTTH.

Is this the same in your country?


4 thoughts on “Local operators are also deploying FTTH

  1. Carlos, I read your posts with interest and I can see that you speak fliuent English so I will respond the same way if you don’t mind.

    My name is Richard Alden. I was the CEO of ONO until 2009. I am now actively involved in cable businesses in many parts of the world.

    As you know the viejos lobos of cablle continue to defned themselves in the cable v FTTH debate. I am less interested in that because what is done is done and cable is unlikely to rebuild networks out of choice.

    However, I am President of a cable operator in Brazil that has plans to build more new network in the next few years than it already has. I am on the board of a cable company in Kenya that is doing the same. My technical colleagues in Spain tell me we should be building FTTH and that this is now as cheap to build as cable and cheaper to run and manage. However, they haven’t really been able to demonstrate this in a format that convinces others. In places like Brasil the high cost of fibre splicing equipment provides a disincentive.

    Is this an area you have ever looked at?
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    1. Hi Richard,
      I am really honored that you find the article interesting.
      I have been also involved in several FTTN and FTTH projects and I am investing in CATV and FTTH operators so I think I can give you a good vision of evolutionary and revolutionary scenarios. Actually, the post of next week will be about that.
      Going to the point, if a CATV network is deployed, for me the clever choice is to evolve the infrastructure by deploying fiber and reducing the COAX segments in order to improve transmission capabilities. This is what we are at present doing in one of our projects.
      Alternatively, for green fields, for me the right choice now is going direct to FTTH. This is for several reasons: the investment is much more protected and future-proof, the network performance is higher… Also, price of passive components is very competitive at present. Additionally, a key point of FTTH is its the very low OPEX (dramatically lower than in CATV networks), which maximizes revenue in the long run. I agree that installation costs of fiber are higher than COAX, because of the skills of the technicians, but prices of them should drop in the short run when massive deployments come and competition starts (this has happened here and in other places).
      I will send you a private e-mail to continue this interesting discussion.

      1. Good afternoon,

        I´m sorry for my intrusion, but i can´t let this opportunity of intereact with both of you pass throw.
        My company was envolved in the project design of the OSP FTTH- GPON network in Portugal since 2008.
        We develop projects for Portugal Telecom, Vodafone and more recently to the rural networks for DSTelecom.
        Our know-how is an asset for thoses companies and operators that are in the new FTTH deployments around the world.
        We would like to contact with other companies or professionals that area now working with the FTTH Deployment in Brasil, Spain, or other country, that need experienced teams and perhaps develop together some projects.

        I can send you some info about us, if you find interest in our project team.

        I hope we can all talk again soon.

        Best Regards

        Sérgio Sengo

        skype: sergiosengo

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