More movements in the Spanish FTTH market

My latests posts have been related to corporate strategies regarding the deployment of FTTH in Spain. The reason for this has been that most of the big operators have announced their deployment strategies for the next years, all of which include FTTH plans in their roadmap, except ONO, which continues their upgrade of their CATV network with DOCSIS 3.0.

This week Jazztel has announced an agreement with Telefonica in order to share the vertical infrastructure in condominium buildings. Further to this, they have also announced their plans to cover 1.5M homes during the next couple of years.

Another interesting news have been that ONO has reacted against Movistar Fusion offer (see here for more details) by releasing several packages that include mobile services. Prices range from 39,90EUR (+VAT) of the simplest package to 59,90 (+VAT) of the quadruple play package. Internet access is at 30Mbps (downstream).

The only national operator that has not announced any deployment plans has been Vodafone. This sounds strange, taking into consideration that they are offering FTTH in Portugal. They have to react if they want to keep their position in the fixed market because now the rest are, at different stages, deploying FTTH.


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