Services in NGA networks

After several FTTH deployments in different areas, my vision of the services to be offered on these networks has dramatically changed.

Obviously, the first consideration when planning the service grid is not to make it thinking on your needs but on the ones of the majority of the people across the coverage area. This is important and I think one of the week points of Google Fiber.

Anyway, what I have detected is that people have not found relevant the technical aspects of the service, although customers perceive fibre as the best technology and the way to go.

We have not detected much interest for symmetry of for very high speed services and just a few percentage of users appreciate this. Unsurprisingly, most of the interest have come from video services and more specifically whether football is available or not.

In our last project, we are offering cloud services, several access speeds and other premium services and most of the questions of our potential customers come from whether   La Liga is available or not on our video platform. At present we have no customers on our cloud platform.

This is somehow frustrating because the potential of the network is much higher than what the customer asks for. Anyway, we believe that fibre technologies are the future and we hope that we will educate customers about the potentialities of ultra highspeed services and how to take advantage of them to improve their lives.


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