Innovation and broadband services

Innovation is key for the development of businesses. We all know and our politicians remind us about this… although they do not support their statements with actions many times. I do not want to enter into politics, but last week, our new government informed that they would cut R&D funding for the next years. Anyway, […]

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Digital divide in Spain

One of the effects that I expect from happening in 2012 is the increase of the digital divide between high-data rate connected places and those with very poor connectivity. As I explained in my latest post, we are starting to have ultra fast infrastructures in Spain. As an example, now I have at home 50Mbps […]

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FTTH in 2011 in Spain

Now that we are starting 2012 it is a good time to recap what happened in 2011 and also predict what will happen in 2012. 2011 was a year of continuity, with small projects being developed (we have helped to develop FTTH in tree small towns) and Telefonica deploying massively FTTH in the big cities (mainly […]

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Happy New Year 2012

Hi all!!! This is a quick post, to wish you all Happy New Year 2012 and… to remind you that this blog exists. I realize that I have not been posting since some months ago because I have been extremely busy. However, one of my objectives of 2012 is to recover the good habit of […]

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