Integration and optimization of NGNs

Yesterday I quickly tweet an article from Bill St. Arnaud about the integration of wireless and wired NGNs. I can not agree more on the statements and facts that the article presents.

I have been doing research on NGNs for some years now and I have reach several conclusions that are totally aligned with the article.
  • wireless and wired networks are not competition, but complementary. Wireless networks offer ubiquity, freedom of movements and access to difficult places, while wired networks (specially fiber) offer capacity and robustness. Thus, a mix of both is a winner. To compete against each other has no sense.
  • integration of wireless and wired networks reduce both CAPEX and OPEX. It is cheaper to deploy and maintain one single network than two. Although the price of specific devices and systems may be higher than the unintegrated network counterpart, overall efficiency is much higher on an integrated solution and this dramatically reduces OPEX, specially in the long run.
  • integration is the future. Next 4G and 5G wireless networks will require fiber as a backbone because air spectrum is too valuable to waste it for the uplink of RBS.

In summary, integrated wireless / wired networks are present, not future and if a network operator wants to be successful, they should start thinking into integrating their wired and wireless networks. Efficient use of resources is key, not just to earn more money, but also to be more sustainable.


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