Do people want fiber?

I have been unable to post during the last months because of several issues. Anyway, my intention is now to come back and post at least on weekly basis.

The last months have been very busy and we have been involved in several projects. We are deploying the OLT in Viladecans for the Municipality so they can offer bitstream services, we are also deploying for a cable operator that is currently migrating from CATV to FTTH and we are finishing our outside plant fibre management software.

Anyway, going straight to the point, now we are also involved in the Telefonica FTTH deployment and we are starting to design the network that Telefonica wants to deploy in Barcelona.

The design of the network is not that difficult, because the viability of the deployment depends on parallelizing the fibre network with the existing copper infrastructure. However, the critical part is the management of rights of way. It is very difficult to get the authorization of the condominium to install the fibre box to offer the service to the building. We are lasting an average of on month to get it and many times, the building assembly rejects the installation.

I think the society has not interiorized the message that fiber IS the future and that without it, it will be very difficult to be competitive. Now that one of the operator decides to invest and start offering high speed data services, now the project is having a lot of difficulties to start because people do not want the fiber cable reaching and passing their buildings.

Several bloggers have lately post about the fact that people do not know what fibre really offers and also there are confusing messages coming from CATV operators, saying that they deploy fiber, so the end customer is confused…

We can not afford to loose this opportunity and, without reaching the deployment methods in Japan, find a compromise between the aesthetic impact and the delivery of new services.

At the end of the day, it is just and extra cable…


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