FTTH competition in Viladecans

Viladecans is a reference municipality in the FTTH arena. They have not been the first to deploy FTTH in Catalonia, as there have been other examples like Callús and lately Riba Roja d’Ebre, but Viladecans has always been in the center of the broadband discussion in Catalonia.

They have been not the first in offering service, but they are the first to have real competition on FTTH. There are two players that will start offering services very soon, each of them with their own model, services and attractives.

  • Orange will deploy FTTH using their own technical solution, installing their own OLTs and renting fibers from the municipality. They are following a dark fiber rental approach. They will offer symmetric 50Mbps data services, HD TV and phone line for 45EUR/month.
  • Adamo will deploy their services on the open access infrastructure that Viladecans is deploying. They are using a bitstream rental model and they will offer 100Mbps/20Mbps asymmetric data services for 29EUR/month. They also have 100Mbps symmetric services for 49EUR/month.

Different approaches, but with the same objective: to get as many customers as possible in Viladecans. Time will determine who chosed the right strategy.


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