Imagina and Axia have been awarded the Xarxa Oberta Project in Catalonia

Finally, Imagina, toghether with Axia, have been awarded the Xarxa Oberta Project. It is official now and unless any legal complain, the project will take place.

Ok, it is just restricted to Terres de l’Ebre and the budget has been reduced to 1/10, but anyway, we hope this will be just the field trial of something bigger.

I have written several posts about the project during these last months and if you have followed them, you already know that the project has suffered many political preasures.

Anyhow, now it seems that Xarxa Oberta will be a reality and we all should be excited because this means that an alternative to Telefonica may come in the mid term.

I have nothing against Telefonica itself, but I do complain about their zero-investment policy in Spain, preferring to go to Chile to deploy FTTH than to do it in their mother country. Anyway, the good news is that with this movement, the public sector has postulated as a driver for the deployment of NGAs, like is happening in Australia and in other countries around the globe.

NGAs are strategic infrastructures and can not be decided by the interest of telecom companies. They need to be defined in the development plans of countries. Xarxa Oberta is just the first phase.


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