the fiber of ONO and Japan

Ono has released a new advertising campaign to promote their newer high-speed services. I will not enter to discuss the fact that they say “the fiber of ONO” when they use a CATV network, which I already covered on a previous post.

However, I find extremely disappointing that they compare the broadband offer in Spain with the one present in Japan. For all of you that are involved in broadband, to compare the broadband offer present in Spain with the existing offer in Japan is almost an insult to the Spanish customers!

Telefonica sued ONO because of “the fiber of ONO” campaign, stating that they were advertising a technology that they are not in reality deploying and said that Telefonica (now Movistar) was the only national operator that was deploying FTTH.

I will not enter into analyzing these disputes, but I would ask all the operators to start deploying NGNs, or at least, do not try to interfere with the ones that want to be deployed by the public sector, like Xarxa Oberta open access network in Catalonia.


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