the fiber of ONO and Japan

Ono has released a new advertising campaign to promote their newer high-speed services. I will not enter to discuss the fact that they say “the fiber of ONO” when they use a CATV network, which I already covered on a previous post. However, I find extremely disappointing that they compare the broadband offer in Spain […]

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Xarxa Oberta last change

The Xarxa Oberta project is one of those projects you never know how will end up. It started several years ago, has changed several times during the process and now seems to be in its final stage of definition. I have written several posts about this project, specially when the Catalan government started the competitive dialogue […]

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starting using tumblr

Summer time is a good moment to test social media services. I am starting with tumblr now. My intention is to keep posting on this blog and use tumblr for short news, links and pictures. Tumblr has interesting integration features and I have integrated FTTH experience in my tumblr account, together with my twitter and […]

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back to school

After a very busy July and some relaxing weeks in August, I am back to work, full of energy and ready back to posting about what is happening in the broadband market in Catalonia. This month has been quite interesting because of: Telefonica has announced massive plans to deliver FTTH al across the contry The […]

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