Telefonica is now Movistar

From long time ago, it has been a successful brand from the day of its creation: “Telefónica móviles” created“Movistar” which only included mobile telecommunications.

Now we have an explanation for changing the brand’s name. It is for marketing purposes. But to no one can escape form the fact that mobile telecommunications (Movistar) have been the pillar of the biggest engine (Telefonica) and have been creating a good image from the day of its creation in 1995.

With its expansion all over the world, it must maintain Telefónica’s name as the one that someone’s call when refers to the one that sells all the products under Movistar and O2 brands ( O2 only in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia) .

This change helps to sell new connectivity products that under Movistar name can give more confidence to general public. We are humans, and we easy forget that Movistar is working properly and Telefonica’s not. So now, if some commercial ads, or some commercial guy, knocks at your door and offers Movistar’s fibre access, you are closer to say yes rather than say no.

This strategy I think that is going to help fixed and bussiness products from Telefonica. Even more, it is going to clean the popular view and help to gain more market and place it as the biggest incumbent in Europe. No one can regulate this, clients like the brand, and that can help, in some way, to ask for a fibre network that reaches all Spain, and please tell me that this can be true, a European Network for users and SMES, not only for Corporations and Research.

If someone see’s another point of view from this change of name, feel free to leave your comment, I will try to answer you why it seems that “Movistar” is going to gain more market than the one it currently have.


2 thoughts on “Telefonica is now Movistar

  1. I’m not sure the name change will easily be successful in Spain, people is not that stupid. Just otherwise, many people might be afraid contracting a new wired service with a “Movistar” (unless they know it is really Telefonica).

    I’d rather bet the strategy comes for the international market: Telefonica might sound a bit strange for non-spanish languages, whereas Movistar sounds nicer (or 02, which sounds also cool). Reducing the commercial names to only 2 strengthens the brand and reduces advertising costs.

    As curiosity, notice that there is already an operator in Belgium called Mobistar (belonging to KPN). Also, it’s curious that “mobile” in most of the languages is written with “b” not “v” as in Spanish. This might bring some confusion or even jokesabout Moviestar/Movistar, but who knows, maybe that’s what they intend.

    BTW, AFAIR Movistar as brand exists since mid 90s, not 2005. It was originally the GSM version of the analog cells Moviline.

    1. I’ve seen that I wrote 2005, and I’m gonna try to change it. BUT IT WAS IN JULY 1995 sorry for that mistake, I started the post from long time ago… Then, in 1996 was called Movistar Prepago and in 1997 Movistar Activa ( I think it is in 1997 that I have my first mobile that was with a sim card from Movistar Activa). Also the first link is not working properly, sorry bout this other mistake too.

      I’ve also taken a look to the “Mobistar” case, it’s a very funny case, it remembers me “Nexus_One” and “IPhone” cases, and the solution can be calling O2 to all telefonica products in Europe (except Spain) that as you said it sounds really cool.

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