Orange starts operating in Bufalvent industrial area

I have been quite busy during the last weeks and I have not found time to update my blog.

There is a lot of activity lately in the region with the Xarxa Oberta project but additionally other side projects are taking place as well.

One of the examples is the Bufalvent industrial area. Bufalvent is a quite big industrial area located next to Manresa, in the Central Catalonia region. There are around 200 industries and from May, they will be able to enjoy FTTH services.

Orange is the operator that will offer service at quite competitive prices, taking into account the high prices that we have to pay in Spain to enjoy broadband… 10M symmetric will be offered at 40EUR and 50M symmetric at around 70EUR. Quite good compared to the competition…

The network is based on GPON and they want to offer premium services, like HD videoconference.

I was on Wednesday in the presentation, that caught the attention of politicians, technical people and also the industries that are present in the area. This project has also been published in international news sites.


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