Further explanation about the Open Network in Catalonia

Catalonian Network is going to start with the next backbone in August 2010:

The objective is to interconnect all the Catalan Governement sites, as we already explained on the post Open Network in Catalonia (Xarxa Oberta). Additionally, the first stage plans to reach the town halls of each of the 281 municipalities so they can interconnect the municipal buildings using their existing MAN infrastructure.

Now, the RFQ has been released and will close the first stage on March, 3rd, where candidates will present their proposals.

The project aims to create the Infrastructure Management Unit (GIT: Gestor d’Infraestructures de Telecomunicacions), an operator that manages the infrastructure in a carrier’s carrier model. The concession will be for a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 30, and then the network and its operation will be transfered to the Catalan Government.

The picture below shows that network operation model, together with the different institutions involved:

Localret is a institution that gives IT support to the municipalities in Catalonia.

Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació (CTTI) is the local IT Agency.

Finally, ITCat is a consortium that has been developed between the Catalan Government and Localret to manage the development of the Xarxa Oberta project.


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