Google’s Surprise: It Becomes a new FTTH operator

Today, Google showed how a company can be the definition of diversification, offering very different business lines and activities. They are creating a project that in Europe we will envy: an FTTH operator for all the rural areas that are not attractive to the big operators.

The way they are going to give a connectivity of 1Gbps per HOME is reaching my heart. They have created two surveys that will be like a great raffle for the cities that win to be connected.

Perhaps, the connection of 1Gbps is trying to tell the governments of the entire World to be prepared for a new bunch of applications that are going to be bandwidh hungry. So, be careful to be living in a well connected home, they announce possible 3D applications, but also common sense of FTTH to say that time is important, and if you buy an HD movie, you want it NOW, in 5 minutes, but not after two days downloading it.

The bad part of the project is that it is only set in USA states. If you have the chance, DO NOT WASTE IT!!


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