Telefonica will upgrade ADSL upstream

Telefonica announced yesterday that they are planning a free-of-charge upgrade on their existing 6Mbps and 10Mbps ADSL offers.

They are planning to upgrade the 6Mbps choice from 320kbps to 640kpbs, while they will upgrade the 10Mbps offer to 800kbps.This upgrade will be effective starting in April.

My position is that it will have three effects, some positive and other negative:

  1. it will make other operators improve their current offers, both, in price and performance, which is good in a present very static market.
  2. from the performance point of view it will offer Spaniards the possibility to enjoy a better ADSL experience (remember that Telefonica has the highest ADSL market share).
  3. this also means that Telefonica tries to squeeze ADSL capabilities so we will have to wait for the massive deployment of FTTH

While points 1 and 2 are positive and mean an improvement, I am very concerned about the fact that Spain is still sticked with copper-based solutions and that operators are not planning any upgrade.

I am starting to wonder the need and timeline for a fibre deployment in our country…


One thought on “Telefonica will upgrade ADSL upstream

  1. Answering to your point number 1 ONO has released today a change in his upstream connectivity to 1Mbps in his offer of 12Mbps downstream, and has decreased more or less 10€ his offers.

    Ono is playing his cards because the past year he stopped his market growth, and is not expanding; it is keeping just the same market, a 13% of Spanish market according to the Spanish regulator CMT.

    Cable is there in a lot of places, but it can happen that people is not truly agree in having a big installation for its 12Mbps, perhaps for their 1Mbps upstream at that price: 34,90€/month they will change their minds

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