Fiber from the sewer in Castelló

Castelló announced a couple of days ago that they will start to deploy fibre infrastructure using the sewers. The first phase of the project aims to deploy 18k of fibre with a cost of around 1M EUR.

Citynet will build the network, which will mainly be operated on dark-fibre rental basis and I presume that initially will be used for the interconnection of municipal buildings and corporate use.

Castelló is the capital city of the province of Castelló, in the Valencian Community.


3 thoughts on “Fiber from the sewer in Castelló

  1. Interesting, for sure Citynet deploys metro-rings, for example, like Cablerunner. They do mention “access to buildings” from their metro-rings, meaning fiber-to-the-cabinet?

    1. I guess that they want to deploy a metro infrastructure to rent it to other operators and that they deploy the last segments. I can not see a fiber to the cabinet deployment using sewers because this would mean installing the cabinets at the street (big and ugly) or underground (difficult to accommodate). They may go for fiber-to-the-building, though.
      For the municipal buildings, I guess they will deploy to each building.

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