all our neighbors deploy FTTH

Portugal started in 2009 the race for FTTH and things have gone quite well. They have increased by 186% the number of FTTH connections in one year and now there are around 40.000 FTTH customers.

Although the volumes of subscribers are not massive, Portugal enters into the club of countries that have more than 1% of theirs subscribers connected using FTTH. Also, most of the operators, Portugal TelecomSonaecomZon are committed with the deployment of FTTH.

Meanwhile, here in Spain, things seem not to evolve. There have been no improvements in the last months in the access networks and all the news about the telecom market are about regulation of downloads and P2P, the Sustainable Economy law and the administrative shut down of sites that share links.

This 2010 will be a tough year for Spain. The number of new FTTH projects is ridiculous and 2010 will not be a year where operators or municipalities will massively invest in broadband and FTTH. We will continue our negative evolution, towards the back of the European countries in terms of broadband access…


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