What has happened during the last two months?

My first post after my come back will be focused on summarising the events that have happened during these last two months of inactivity.

For me, the two most relevant points have been the debate about the intellectual property and the Internet and secondly, the lack of development of new access infrastructures or new policies to promote broadband.

The point about intellectual property and file sharing has been very controversial because the Spanish government has included an annex on the new “sustainable economy” law promoting the creation of an commission that is able to preventively disconnect a website in case they believe that is promoting illegal file sharing.

Although the government has tried to convince that this will be under the supervision of a judge, this is not the case when you analyse the statement in detail and also, they are elevating the procedures to the National Audience, which is the highest Spanish court and deals with drugs-traffic and terrorism expedients. Too much, I believe…

A part from that, which by the way was promoted by the music industry lobbies trying to keep a business model that is totally obsolete, another sad fact that has happened during these last two months has been the lack of development of broadband in Spain.

The bandwidth race seems to be stopped in ADSL services up to 20Mbps with upstreams up to 1.5Mbps if you are very lucky. No FTTH plans and also very slow developments in the rest of the markets.

The only broadband market that is very active is the mobile one, which sometimes is faster than fixed ADSL, specially in the upstream…

This is very funny, taking into account that Spain holds now the presidency of the EU and they are promoting the development of new economic models. I wonder, and not just myself, whether the Spanish government is prepared to lead this change and also how they are going to do this if they are developing policies that go in the opposite direction of what is really needed.


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    1. Everybody is open to contribute. However, I would ask you to send me your contact details and your experience so we can organize the posting and talk about interesting topics.

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