Orange enters into the FTTH arena

Orange has started a pilot to offer symmertric 50Mbps services in Madrid. The most interesting feature is the price: 44,95EUR, which compared to the current offer of Telefonica (around 80EUR for 30Mbps down, 3Mbps up) is very cheap. Orange, together with Vodafone, are the only operators that can offer a global national FTTH service, as […]

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all our neighbors deploy FTTH

Portugal started in 2009 the race for FTTH and things have gone quite well. They have increased by 186% the number of FTTH connections in one year and now there are around 40.000 FTTH customers. Although the volumes of subscribers are not massive, Portugal enters into the club of countries that have more than 1% […]

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FTTH business cases

The people from Analysys Mason released in december a study about business cases for rural environments. The study states that viability of NGN deployments depend on the existance of available ducting and also on the density of the area to give coverage. The requirement of civil works makes the investment non-viable in most cases, specially […]

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FTTH saves CO2 emissions

I have posted several times about the benefits of FTTH compared to copper-based access solutions in terms of energy efficience. Yesterday, Etisalat has released an study showing the savings in terms of CO2 emissions of an FTTH access network. The study reports that savings can go up to 85%. This is because all the services […]

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