News about Spanish broadband during last week

I have been quite absent during the last weeks due to a high work load, together with the development of a new blog project, which will be released very soon.

Anyway, several things have happened during the last couple of weeks in Spain, which I will summarize in this post.

The most amazing news that were published last week refered to the perception of our politians about broadband services in Spain.

Our Ministry of Industry, said that the price of broadband is quite competitive and also that we enjoy good connection services… This is very frustrating and demagogic, because they are trying to convince that we are in a good position, while the situation is completely opposite.

Following this road, about broadband performance is Spain here I give you a very interesting comparison: Telefonica offers better wireless services in Germany, through O2, than wired services in Spain… This is very sad and goes completely against the comment of our ministry…

Continuing with the comparation between countries, in the next link you can find the offer of the German operator that has been just acquired by Telefonica. As you can see, they are offering 50M/10M on VDSL for 45EUR… I will not comment more on that..

I will try to write a new post before the end of the week. Anyway, stay tuned for news about this new project that I am developing. I hope you will find it interesting


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