about jobs in ICT

First of all, I apologize for the lack of contributions during last week, but I was very busy so I had to prioritize… Sorry for that.

Today I want to write about a report published by the OECD about the impact of the crisis on ICT. You can find the report here.

ICT employment chart

For me, the chart above summarizes quite well the situation. Spain is in the very bottom, forth before the last and taking into account that ICT-based jobs have been quite resistant to the current crisis, we have another reason to explain why unemployment tax is so high in our country.

Also, ICT jobs are normally quality jobs and are a good reference about how important innovation is for our country. Thus, we have another justification to try to change our current economic model, based on low-qualitied employment, because if we do not change it, I forecast very dark clouds for the future.


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