Teleworking and upstream datarates

FTTH council published a report about the impact of FTTH networks in the industry and homes. You can find the report here.

The report sais that in areas where FTTH is present, teleworking is increased and the number of people who have their business located at home also increases.

Talking about Spain, things are not that positive… The main problem that we have here is related to upstream datarates, that prevent us to be able to enjoy of telepresence and decent connections to our corporate networks through VPN.

Here in Spain, teleworking is just performed by less than 5% of spaniards, while in the rest of Europe, the number of teleworkers increase up to 13%. One of the reasons is upstream datarates, but we can not forget that there is still a social barrier to break, because people tend to think that working from home makes you less productive, which I really believe is not true, but the opposite.


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