Open access is good


The Berkman Center for Internet & Society released last week a report titled: Next Generation Connectivity: A review of broadband Internet transitions and policy from around the world.
The document is quite long. You can find it here for download. If you have time, it is worth reading it.

Several analysis have been done to the document. One of the comments that I found mores interesting was the one written by

There is a high correlation between good scores and the level of availability of wholesale access. Countries with an open access regime for services such as bitstream and local loop unbundling have a high broabdand penetration, high available speeds and low end-user tariffs.

The conclusion is that in areas where there are open access networks or a favorable regulatory environment, broadband offers are wider, so services and prices improve.

This is very aligned with my posts of last week about deploying a single open access network, because this would be the most cost-effective way to offer next generation services. One network, and different service providers.


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