Viladecans announces FTTH project

Viladecans, a municipality near Barcelona, announced that they are planning to deploy a FTTH trial for 1500 homes in 2010.

This is good news here in Catalonia, because it seems that things are starting to move. However, all of us who are in this local industry for some time, know that the Viladecans project started many years ago, with a lot of good intentions but nothing came true.

We hope that now it is the time to start doing things.

As said, the municipally will spend money of the second stimulus plan of the Spanish Government (scheduled for early 2010) to deploy an FTTH network.

There are no details about the operation model or the services that will be offered from ISP point of view. However, the municipality announced that they want to offer social applications, together with e-learning and e-medicine.

I hope that Viladecans will be the first, but not the last in deploying FTTH… as operators do not find the money to invest on NGNs.


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