Telecom Italia wants to cooperate but not to be split

Telecom Italia, the italian incumbent, is prepared to cooperate with other operators to share costs in the development of NGNs in Italy, once the Italian government has presented a broadband plan to offer 2Mbps across Italy.

This is good news.

However, they are totally against structural separation.

The idea that Agcom (italian regulator) is promoting, is to create a company to build up new NGN infrastructures, funded by networks operators and the public sector.

Vodafone Italia, Fastweb and Wind have already said yes to the proposal but I think that they will have to negotiate in order to find an agreeable model.

Most of the regulators are realizing now that the liberalization of the telecom market done in the decade of the 80s and 90s was not done in the best possible way. This has affected the investment and now, we are in a dramatic situation in many European countries. At least, in those where the incumbent is very predominant.

Thus, the creation of this public or private infrastructure providers are good news in order to encourage competition and the development of NGNs. The business model for them is very controversial, as there are many different approaches.

If you follow the comments about the post of last Friday, you can see that the issue is not black or white.


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