Telefonica prioritizes investors to customers

Last week, Telefonica presented their main policies for 2010 and next years. Very disappointing… at least for their customers.

They will increase the dividends to their investors but they will not invest that much on new infrastructures. They predict that in 2012 just 23% of end users will have services higher than 25Mbps. This is not good news…

Talking about the deployment of new infrastructures, they will deploy just FTTH in the areas where customers are prepared to pay for premium services. This means that just in wealthy areas FTTH will be present. They have not confirmed the prices but I assume that they will not be cheap.

For the rest of the users… ADSL or VDSL will remain as their connection technology.

I see more clouds than clear skies in the development of broadband in Spain because if the incumbent is taking this road, I can not see other operators investing in FTTH. Public funds are the only way to avoid a real digital divide with the rest of European countries, at least for the majority of the population.


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