upstream 3G quicker than ADSL

After the long weekend it is time to come back and write a nice post about our high-quality broadband.

The chart above, which presents a comparison between average upstream datarates for 3G and ADSL, speaks for itself.

I can not understand how a serious company can offer more upstream datarates on 3G than using ADSL but this is what is happening in Spain at present.

Obviously, this limits what you can do with your broadband connection, and our role in the Internet becomes merely passive.

Furthermore, things are not going to change in the short time. During last week Telefonica corporate meeting, they announced that during the next years they are going to prioritize price to performance and datarates will just increase around 25% until 2012, deploying FTTH just in wealthy areas were customers are prepared to pay a premium to get decent speed.

Bad news… to start this short week.


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