ZON going 1Gbps

Zon has announced the availability of a 1Gbps service for home users. The service will only be available through FTTH, of course, and will include everything: voice, video, data, mobile…

I think it is a huge step forward in Europe. Portugal is now becoming a reference about FTTH deployments.

The only negative point of this new service is the price: EUR 249.90 per month plus a installation fee.

I can not see many homes paying that for their broadband services and at the same time, the offer is not targeted to businesses, as it also includes video and other stuff that businesses do not need.

I see this announcement somehow a way to show the potential of FTTH but I predict take-up rates will be very low. To compare with the car industry, this is like the manufacturer releasing a very exclusive model, just to show their technological potential.

Cable guys can not follow the FTTH road…


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