first computers, then broadband


The National Institute of Statistics (INE) published last week (2nd November) the statistics about the use of broadband and computers in Spain. You can read the press release of the study here.

Let’s analise a little bit the results.

If we are positive, the conclusions are that 51,3% of the homes have broadband, over a total of 54% that have Internet access. I deduce that the other 2,7% connects to the Internet using 56k modems. This is somehow good news, although we all know that the Spanish definition of broadband is not what people in other countries would expect of a broadband connection… Here we say broadband when the connection is +256kbps down…

Anyway, the fact is that half of the homes are connected to the Internet. The second relevant fact is that the use of computers at home is of 66%. What does it mean? That if we correlate the fact of have a connection to the Internet with the use of computers, the result is that 77% of the homes that have computers also connect to the Internet.

Then, I come to the rationale behind the title of the post.

If we want to improve the use of the Internet and the use of broadband connections, we have much more room for improvement if we work first on explaining to the people who do not have computers at home that they need one, because when this happens, the justification for a broadband connection is automatic.

I also mean, we need to introduce the use of computers to old people so they know how to use them. We need to use also computers to try to integrate people with difficulties to society… Simultaneously, this means new business opportunities to the industry, because the interfaces for those people will be different to the ones that use skilled people…

Thus, the conclusion is clear, before we explain that broadband is required, we need to convince people that they should buy computers, as in the short term, I can not see the TV becoming the device to access the Network.


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