Telework is gaining momentum in Spain

An article published last week in the economic newspaper cinco dias presents the situation of IT developments in the corporate sector.

One of the figures that are relevant is that in 16% of the companies that have been interviewed said that they have teleworkers, defining teleworkers as people who work more than 50% of their time from home instead of from the office.

Most of those teleworkers do not have a very good network experience, as ADSL is the most common connection. Thus, their telework experience is restricted to checking e-mails, connecting to the corporate VPN to check files and Skype…

Yesterday I said that upstream datarates need to be improves because here in Spain, the average is around 400kbps.

Thus, we have another driver for NGNs deployment: if we have fiber and we can have more upstream, teleworking will increase and this will have many advantages:

  • family-work conciliation
  • business cost reductions
  • more productivity
  • less mobility
  • positive impact in the environmental

Again, another justification to deploy NGNs and change the economic model of our country…


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