upstream datarates need to be improved


I have said several times that upstream is key to offer a satisfactory broadband experience and I have found a report that supports my statement.

The report is from September 2009, developed by Saïd Business School and the University of Oviedo and supported by Cisco. You can see the slides here.

The report says that globally, broadband has improved quite significantly during the last year. Downstream has increased 49% to reach 4.75Mbps. Upstream has increased to 1.3Mbps, which represents an improvement of 69%.

In Spain, however, upstream datarates have not increased in the same way. Spanish downstream average is 4.25kpbs but upstream is just of 386kbps.

The report recommendations are to have 1Mbps up and 3.75Mbps down now and 5Mbps down and 11.25Mbps down in the short term to enjoy a good network experience.

As you can deduce by yourself, present upstream datarates are not satisfactory to enjoy the Internet decently and there are not many commercial offers offering more than 1Mbps upstream.

For the short term requirements, Adamo is the only one that offers a product that can cope with them.

Taking about our position in the rankings, Spain is #33, just after Romania (#31) and New Zealand (#32) and before Bulgaria (#34).

We have to wait…


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