France leading, Spain going backwards

ARCEP, French regulator, presented the study about the evolution of broadband in our neighbor country in the last six months. If you know french, you can read the article here and in any case, you can check the figures.


The report shows a very good evolution of the broadband market in the first six months of 2009, with a positive evolution of +35% in the number of users with datarates over 50Mbps (now there are users).

The number of FTTH connections has doubled.

Another very interesting point is the definition of next generation network. ARCEP defines NGNs as connections over 50Mbps down and 5Mbps up. If we follow this definition in Spain, we have just NGNs in Asturias and in two buildings in Barcelona through Adamo, as the rest of the operators offer less than bandwidth than the frech definition.

Here, in the meantime, we have 5000 FTTH users of Telefonica and a few ONO users in Madrid with DOCSIS 3. We have also the FTTH deployment in Asturias and some trials at 22@ in Barcelona, but those are just oasis in a very depressing landscape.


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