Spain is different… also in R+D


Now we are in a crisis situation. We all know this. Governments are trying to sort that out so the economies start growing again, but the approaches that they are following may be different… Well, most of them are aligned but Spain is going alone and in the opposite direction.

Today, EL PAIS published an article about the investment of the government in R&D for 2010. Very disappointing… R&D will be reduced. In any case, the article is quite positive because now it seems that the reduction will be just of 18% and initially, the reduction was of around 30%.

The rest of the European countries are increasing their investments in R&D because they consider this an investment and a way to improve the country. Here, we consider R&D an expense and we prefer to allocate our resources in social plans to help the unemployed so they rest unemployed and get some money from the government.

I really believe that we would help them in a better way if we invest in R&D so we create leading companies that require skilled people. However, I would say that the government is not seeking this, but just looking in the short-term, like with the first stimulus plan (FEIL), released in 2009, that was mainly used to open the streets and repair the sidewalks…

But we all know, Spain is different.


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