Where is Spain in the list?

A couple of weeks ago, the FTTH council Europe published a list with the rankings of FTTH penetrations. Unsurprisingly, Spain was not even in the list.

You can check the complete press release from the FTTH Council Europe link.

The main conclusions about the report are:

  • Northern countries are the most active FTTH players in Europe
  • Most of the countries in the list are going for FTTH instead of FTTB
  • This comparison is somehow unfair because in big countries very important investments are required to achieve remarkable penetrations.

The first point about Northern countries is no surprise because they have always been leading fibre developments in Europe.

Talking about technologies, most of the countries of the list are going for FTTH technologies instead of FTTB. Although I am a convinced supporter of FTTH, I also believe that cities morphology and whether people live in condominium buildings or in houses has something to do with this figure… In any case, it is very relevant that most of the countries in the list are going FTTH.

Finally, and talking about the big countries, it is clear that the comparison is very unfair. I have nothing against Iceland or Andorra, but in Iceland there are 6.000 subscribers and in Andorra 3.315, which represents a penetration of 5,6% and 6,6% respectively… A medium-sized municipal project has already this number of subscribers so, although the list shows the commitment of the countries in broadband technologies, another list with just connected users should also be included.

Also, I am a little bit surprised about the poor development of FTTH in the Netherlands. Penetration in December 2008 was 2,4% and in June 2009 is just 2,5%… Does anyone has an explanation to that?


2 thoughts on “Where is Spain in the list?

  1. While it’s true that a larger country would need a greater investment to roll out a FTTH deployment you have to take per capita into account. It follows that large countries should have greater resources.

    You also have to take a look at population density. Compared to Sweden, Spain have 4 times as many people per sq km. The FTTH deployment in Sweden is found spread out over the entire country, with most of the subscribers in smaller cities.

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