Price experiences from Sweden

Swedish flag

I am spending a few says in Sweden doing some training and I was with some workmates discussing prices of broadband in Sweden. Very frustrating…

I explained that my ADSL connection at home is 10Mbps/320kbps and it costs 40EUR/month. They guy is still in shock… First, because of its high asymmetry and secondly because of the price… In Sweden, it is quite usual to have several Mbps up and prices below 30EUR/month…

Talking about broadband was not better… I explained that I have my iPhone with a 200MB plan for 15EUR/month. I was quite proud of it until he told me that his broadband plan was for 500MB and costed 7EUR/month…

Finally, I asked about the average income to compare the cost of living in Spain and in Sweden… and I felt like in the video below…


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