ONO and their fiber

Logo ONO
ONO claims to have a fiber network. This is what they are promoting on their new website, which you can find here.

They say that they are migrating their network to DOCSIS 3, which they claim it is the most advanced fiber optic technology, ultra-high speed and optimal performance.

They also claim to have an exclusive fiber optic network, much more advanced than the copper-based infrastructure of the rest of the operators.

It is very sad that ONO use these marketing techniques to confuse their customers. What they have is an HFC network, which will just partly migrated to DOCSIS 3.0 but in any case, it is not a ultra-high speed access network. I agree that is technically better than ADSL but they can not say that it is the most advanced access technology, because it is not true.

They also claim to have an exclusive fiber optic network. I deduce that they are talking about they core network, because they are reaching the final customers with COAX, which is better than a twisted pair but they can not say that the rest of the operators user copper-based technologies and they do not, because COAX is still copper.

Finally, if you have a look at their commercial offer, they just talk about downstream. I can not find any reference to upstream datarate on their website, and I know for sure that they are not going symmetric.

If you choose ONO as your access provider, I would ask the installer to show how fiber looks like 😉


8 thoughts on “ONO and their fiber

  1. Sorry to disagree, but even it’s true that their information is confusing, they’re not lying at all.
    Ono DOES have an exclusive optic fiber network. I couldn’t find in their website any reference to fiber to the home, but it’s true that Ono has one of the biggest (core) optic fiber networks in Spain. I know and you know that their access is HFC, they even say “en ONO hemos decidido crear nuestra red propia de comunicaciones a partir del cable y la fibra óptica”, so what’s the problem?

    Also, what do you consider ultra-high-speed? Maybe in Japan it’s 1Gbps, but in Spain their 50Mbps is the fastest commercial possibility (excluding the 100 in some towns in Asturias).
    It’s not that I want to publicize them, I’m a big FTTH fan, but I’m also convinced that they do need to inform people that Ono is different than DLS, as 90% of the population have not a clue what is ono about. Also I really wish that they steal as much customers as possible from Telefonica’s wire access network, this would push concurrence and investments.

    Last but not least, I really find http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kwTlSfw3bI is right on the spot, they’re getting the viral thing with it.

  2. Hi Miquel,
    Thanks for your comments.
    First of all, I want to clarify that I have never used the work “lie” in the post. I just say that ONO is confusing their customers because unless you are skilled and have knowledge about access networks the first impression is that ONO offers final fiber services and this is not the case.
    Another interesting thing to discuss is how ONO is migrating to DOCSIS while they have reduced their investments in more than 50%. I talked about this on a previous post and you can check the reference in Expansion here: http://www.expansion.com/2009/08/04/empresas/telecomunicaciones/1249417776.html
    We could consider ultra-high speed to be 50Mbps, but for me, the key factor is now just downstream datarate but SYMMETRY, which is never considered in commercial offers, because HFC and xDSL are very asymmetric, and this is what really changes the end user experience.
    Talking about Telefonica and ONO… My impression is that in Spain there is no competition mainly because of the lack of regulation and the predominant position of Telefonica. No one can compete against Telefonica 😦 At the end of the day, operators are corporations looking to maximize their revenues and if they see no business opportunities they don’t invest…
    The solution to this could be: regulating the market and forcing them to invest or creating a wholesale global network operator, as they are doing in several countries like in Australia.

  3. ONO España es estafa. Estoy muy contento encontrar alguien que tiene la misma opinion que yo. Yo si que fui usuario de ONO. I SI SIIIIIIIIIIIII que engañan con sus mega oftertas de INTERNET por fibra optica. La gente aqui se piensa que tiene fibra optica…pero no se preguntan porque solo llega un cable coaxial a casa. Es que son increibles!!! Incluso con el suporte que es horrible y engañoso.
    Me di de baja poque el upload funcionaba con 30 KB. Incluso los ficheros adjuntos del correo electronico! Pagaba unos 60 euros en total por unos 5 Mb de conexion…y los torrentes nunca pasaban de 100 KB download y 30KB de upload.
    Al quitar el servicio me hicieron pagar tambien para 15 dias aunque ya no estaba conectado con ellos. No mencionar que has de pagar el precio de la conversacion a la atencion clientes…
    Ahora estoy con Jazztel que tiene un poco mejor el upload.
    El grande problema de toda España es que hay monopol de Telefonica en telecomunicaciones y nada se mueve sin ellos. Que pena! Hasta los pueblos mas olvidados del mundo de Romania ahora tienes la opcion de llevar fibra optica al hogar.

    ONO Spain is scam. I am very happy to find someone who has the same opinion as me. I was a ONO user of their mega offer of fiber-optic Internet. People here think you have Fiber Optic … but they don´t wonder why only COAXIAL cable arrives in their home. They are incredible! Even with support is horrible and misleading. I canceled the contract with them because upload only worked with 30 KB. Even e-mail attachments! I paid about 60 euros in total for about 5 Mb of connection … and the torrents never passed 100 KB download and 30KB upload.
    When quitting their service they also made me pay for 15 days but no longer connected with them. Not to mention that you must pay the price of the conversation to the customer care …
    I’m with Jazztel has a bit better upload.
    The big problem in Spain is that there is a monopoly of Telefonica in telecommunications and nothing moves without them. Que pena! Even the most forgotten people in the world of Romania now has the option of bringing optical fiber to the home.

  4. Hi all,

    Sorry for the late addition to this discussion. Do you know if there is a way to see if Ono is available in my area? We live in Barcelona but unfortunately Telefonica only offers us 3mbps ADSL. As we work from home, using a VPN connection to northern Europe, we need better speed. From what I can see, Ono is the only better (albeit slightly judging from your comments) solution for us.


    Tobbi G.

  5. Having read this I believed it was rather informative. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this content together. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  6. This happens at many parts of the world. Either the marketing guys use confusing words as the public is not aware of high end technology. Two days before I read a news that one operator brings fiber to the home. In fact the content below the heading reveals the real nature of network.

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