trans-sector opportunities of FTTH

One of the key points for the development of FTTH are trans-sector opportunities.

Taking into account that at present operators are not going to invest in the deployment of new infrastructures I think that the only way to become competitive in terms of access networks is by finding trans-sector opportunities that encourage our politicians to follow the road of the deployment of open-access networks.

This would be a very good opportunity for the spanish government to invest ins something for the future and that helps us to change our economic model, based mainly on the tourism and low-skilled production.

By deploying a nationwide open-access network, we will improve:

  • environment and mobility: transportation will be reduced because telework and in general telepresence applications could be deployed. This means that you can work from home certain days of the week and means no transportation. This will also be positive for the CO2 reduction, as travel will be reduced.
  • sanitary system: here we have an important problem because population is becoming older and this means more sanitary costs. By deploying an open access network, tele-health applications could be deployed so the patient could avoid some travels to the primary assistance centers and then, we could also concentrate the important interventions in the hospitals. Also, collaborative applications for diagnostic could be used to improve the quality of our sanitary system and reduce its cost. Thus, we could reduce medical costs and at the same time, we could improve medical care.
  • education: the development of telepresence applications could also be used for educational purposes: online seminars, remote education and collaboration could take enormous advantage of an broadband access infrastructure. Magistral classes could be taught by experts remotely located to several schools simultaneously and gurus could do their speeches remotely. This would increase the quality while reducing the cost.

In Parallel of the benefits of having real broadband in Spain for the population; for the industry, business opportunities would be enormous. All those applications would need to be developed so if we are clever enough, we could use our local resources to develop companies specialized in these fields, instead of wasting the money in useless projects to temporary prevent unemployment of unskilled people but without any benefit for the community nor in the long term… (like the first round of FEIL projects).

I talk about an open access operator because traditional operators are not going to invest in new deployments. They are focused on the short term and on revenues, which is normal, because they are businesses and they are looking for profitability, so the directors get their bonuses and investors are happy.

What I am taking in this post is about starting a project to change the economic model of Spain.

You might think that I am dreamer and maybe you are right, but to dream is free, isn’t it?  😉


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