Digital cities and connected cities

Yesterday, the 8th Telecommuncation annual meeting organized by the technical telecommunications engineers association took place. It was a very interesting event and this year one of the hot topics was the development of new services and infrastructures, and more specifically what they call digital cities. First of all, I do not like the name digital […]

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2010: the fiber year

Today Benoît Felten’s post at Fiberevolution raised a very interesting point about xDSL and FTTH deployments. He states that this decade is the ADSL decade and next year will be the year of optic fiber. Maybe this is the case in France, but I doubt that this will happen in Spain, although some indicators may […]

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LTE and future mobile services will need fiber

I took this piece of text from to develop this post. The Femto Forum and other industry experts have pointed out that LTE is approaching the theoretical maximum information transfer rate (otherwise known as Shannon’s Law) and further improvements will only be possible by rolling out smaller cells. The higher data speeds might not be achieved with LTE […]

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Where is Spain in the list?

A couple of weeks ago, the FTTH council Europe published a list with the rankings of FTTH penetrations. Unsurprisingly, Spain was not even in the list. You can check the complete press release from the FTTH Council Europe link. The main conclusions about the report are: Northern countries are the most active FTTH players in Europe […]

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