Download and upload speeds

I got the table below from a post today at ADSLzone comparing broadband speeds in Spain and Romania. You can read the full article here but I warn you that if you live in Spain, you will become very frustrated.

downstream and upstream speeds

If you read frequently my blog, you already know that for me, one of the important points in a broadband connection is upstream data rate. I think people who design broadband products in Spain do not think the same…

Upstream is very important and not just to have your peer-to-peer server downloading and uploading movies the whole day.

Some people in Spain use broadband to work and those tend to upload files to online storage services and exchange big files. This is a pain with current upstream data rates… Even more frustrating is the fact that, this does not seem to change in the short term, as the new broadband services upgrade downstream data rates, but do nothing with upstream…

I believe that the problem is that core networks would not cope with a massive upstream data rate upgrade… but this is just my personal view…


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