1Gbps in Portugal

While I am enjoying my 1Mbps/320kbps ADSL in my summer house, I read the news about the new Gigabit service that will be offered by Zon (Portugal) in September and I feel really disappointed.

What is happening in Spain that we are left apart broadband developments? I think I have the answer: competition. We have no competition… but I leave this for another post.

Enjoy the full article about 1Gbps services in Portugal here.


One thought on “1Gbps in Portugal

  1. Not sure if this is through FTTH or cable.

    Either way, the oversubscription ratio seems to be huge. GPON/EPON have downstream links of 2,5Gb and 1 Gb respectively (shared amongst for 32 users).

    Looks like 1 Gbps is actually offered through a ONT supporting a GbE interface to the end user, and that’s all.

    Of course, it is much more than in Spain.


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