Download and upload speeds

I got the table below from a post today at ADSLzone comparing broadband speeds in Spain and Romania. You can read the full article here but I warn you that if you live in Spain, you will become very frustrated. If you read frequently my blog, you already know that for me, one of the important […]

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1Gbps in Portugal

While I am enjoying my 1Mbps/320kbps ADSL in my summer house, I read the news about the new Gigabit service that will be offered by Zon (Portugal) in September and I feel really disappointed. What is happening in Spain that we are left apart broadband developments? I think I have the answer: competition. We have […]

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situation in Spain

I wrote an article about the situation of FTTH in Spain at Muniwireless. The article describes the current situation and the places where FTTH is being developed. I think it presents a realistic view about what is happening in our country.

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investment stopped

The investment in new new deployments and network maintenance has dramatically decreased in Spain. Expansion published a few days ago some news regarding this. You can have access to that article here. This is very sad, because means that we are not deploying NGNs, we are not upgrading our mobile networks and in essence, we […]

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closed on holidays

Hi all, I need some days to relax so I will be on holidays during three weeks. This means that I will not be posting until the end of the month. Do not worry, during the next weeks I will be studying so I will come back with more news about FTTH in September. Hope […]

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