FTTH and DSL in 2014

An article from ElectronicsWeekly.com says that FTTH will overtake DSL in five years. You can check the article following the next link:

FTTH to overtake DSL for broadband access by 2014 – analyst

I have read it and they say that there will be 160M FTTH subscribers and 320M DSL lines… This means that the penetration of FTTH compared to DSL will be 33% and this does not mean to overtake (for me to overtake means +50%), but anyway, the important thing is the tendency.

The article I believe wants to state that in 2014 the broadband market will be mostly deploying FTTH solutions.


One thought on “FTTH and DSL in 2014

  1. In Germany also the ‘Fraunhofer ISI’ expects up to ten percent of households with Internet will have an extremely fast optical cable connection with 100 MBbs transmission speeds by the end of 2010. There will a decrease of DSL market share from 98% to 75%.

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