a little bit about upstream datarates

One of the bad things of our broadband connections here in Catalonia, is upstream speed.

A couple of weeks ago, a very polite girl from Telefonica phoned me to upgrade my ADSL (for free) to get 10Mbps. I asked her about whether upstream speed was also improved and the reply was… but… what the hell is upstream?

Anyway, now I have my new 10Mbps down / 320kbps, which is BTW an asymmetry of 31.25. I intensively use online storage services and tend to send quite big e-mails so for me, symmetry is a very relevant feature. It is a pitty that Telefonica does not thing the same about upstream because for them, upstream datarate “is not an essential feature of the ADSL service”.

At least, this is their position in Spain, because in other countries they do offer 1:2 asymmetric ADSL services. This is the case of Colombia, for example, where they offer up to 4M/2M ADSL services. You can read more at bandaancha.

Anyway, I am not prepared to go to Colombia to test it 🙂 I may try to switch to jazztel. They offer cheaper services and up to 2.5Mbps ustream.

Another option will be to move to one of the villages where we are promoting FTTH deployments. Do not ask me where, because this is confidential 😉


One thought on “a little bit about upstream datarates

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