Telemedicine conference at Hospital Clinic

logo hospital Clínic

Yesterday, I was at a Telemedicine conference at Hospital Clinic. This meeting was organized by I2Cat. The event was very interesting because it showed the implications of IT in the medical field, and those are quite bast.

The main concepts and action points that were raised in the event were:

  • Broadband: if we want to develop tele-whatever applications, we need first of all real broadband connections and this means FTTH. This is a concurrent topic which I have already pointed out… Broadband is essential for the development of 21st century communities.
  • CPDs: new CPDs will also be required, to store the huge amount of data that will be generated with telemedicine. In the right context, this is more a political that a practical concept, but it is quite aligned with the developments about Green IT that I raised last week.
  • Security and digital certificates: we need to work on security as well, as we will be storing data that is very sensible. We need to be sure that it is well protected.
  • Local R+D: we can do that buying things from other countries, but the nice thing would be that we could develop the services in Catalonia. This requires investments and I am unsure whether our friends, the politicians, will support those activities, specially at present.
  • Applications: no comments, this is just obvious…

This was the technical part of it. Talking about money, also a very interesting speech pointed out the fact that the present business model of healthcare is obsolete and not sustainable. We need to use IT technologies to reduce the costs and think about new business models to develop healthcare services. However, this requires a lot of efforts, not just economic, but also technical because we all know that human beings are reductant to changes…

Related to this, it is important to note that age is a factor that determines the quickness of absorption of new concepts and ways of working. This may influence the adoption of IT solutions in healthcare, as the patient tends to be mature and most of our doctors are not in their twenties…


One thought on “Telemedicine conference at Hospital Clinic

  1. Good synthesis Carles,

    additionally, other key points for the future of telemedicine will be:

    – integration: use of standards like HL7, IHE, DICOM.
    – personalized healthcare: to reduce costs and mantain some chronic patients at home, while it could be possible.

    thank you for your attendance to the meeting,
    Joan Carles

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