about Green IT

I was a couple of days ago in a conference about Green IT organized by i2Cat Foundation and Vodafone.
This is a hot topic now and when you go those meetings, one realizes about the importance of Green IT policies.
CO2 emissions from the IT industry represents just 2% of the total, but IT technologies can improve the overall situation dramativally.

I am not a guru on Green IT, but what the message that I got from the meeting was that every little step helps.

We, the IT guys, can help with that by developing applications that reduce transportation requirements, like:

  • teleconference
  • telework
  • remote sensing and telemetry

However, I have to say that I have been a little disappointed because most of the applications already exist and the problem is not technical, but from another source…

I enjoy teleworking, I practice teleconference and use cloud-computing services from my home-office but I am sure that I will take more advantage of everything together if I had a better broadband (and symmetric) connection. Unlucky, just the people from Vodafone heard my concerns…


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