OECD report about broadband

Another broadband report talking about the deployment of open access networks leaded by public funds.

OECD report

The main points of the report are:

Broadband networks are increasingly recognised as fundamental for economic and social development. They serve as a communication and transaction platform for the entire economy and can improve productivity across all sectors. Advanced communication networks are a key component of innovative ecosystems and support economic growth.

Broadband networks also increase the impact and efficiency of public and private investments which depend on high-speed communications. Broadband is needed as a complementary investment to other infrastructure such as buildings, roads, transportation systems, health and electricity grids, allowing them to be “smart” and save energy, assist the aging, improve safety and adapt to new ideas.

These are just the two first paragraphs of the “main points” section but one can see:

1) broadband is strategic

2) broadband is an enabler for other businesses

Actually, we are planning to move our offices and one of the requirements for the new location will be to be able to have a good broadband connection (preferably fiber) at a decent price. Maybe we will check where Adamo offers their FTTH services…


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