Experiences at CDG airport

I was travelling today to North Africa and due to flight schedules I decided to travel through Paris (CDG)… the experience what not very positive. I will not enter into a discussion about the claustrophobic atmosphere there but I want to discuss about connectivity. Amazingly, there was just one wireless network available and that network […]

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Who wants premium services?

While traveling to visit a customer in North Africa, I was reviewing in detail the CMT report about the viability of the deployment of FTTH networks, their assumptions for the study and their conclusions. I found two points, which I believe are unlikely to be corroborated. Those are related to service penetration and the type […]

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OECD report about broadband

Another broadband report talking about the deployment of open access networks leaded by public funds. OECD report The main points of the report are: Broadband networks are increasingly recognised as fundamental for economic and social development. They serve as a communication and transaction platform for the entire economy and can improve productivity across all sectors. Advanced communication […]

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